Who I am


My name is Jason Delaney and I am originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I live near Calgary, Alberta and I am a husband to my beautiful wife Pam and a father to two amazing boys, Owen & Gibson. I began playing guitar around the age of 12 and continued my passion through high school where I played in a few rock bands and eventually to university.

While in a Bachelor of Music Program at Dalhousie, I studied under Mr. Douglas Reach, an internationally acclaimed guitarist and instructor. I later moved to Alberta and finished my music education while at the University of Calgary under the guidance of Mr. Jacob Salomons, known as one of Canada’s premier guitar instructors. I have performed at several small concerts as a solo artist, a duo member and as part of 2 guitar orchestras while in university. I have also participated in several guitar masterclasses with world-renowned guitarists and was invited to the Christopher Parkening Annual Masterclass in Montana in 2002. I have played hundreds of weddings and other public events in Halifax and Calgary as a solo artist and as part of larger ensembles.

I eat, sleep and breathe music, it’s who I am.

Memories & Experiences


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