A Guitarist Is Only As Good As His Guitar…

A Guitarist Is Only As Good As His Guitar…

GodinRegardless of what any musician has tried to tell you, we are all restricted to
the limitations of the instrument we choose. I learned at a young age that this
is especially (and brutally) true for guitarists. I have owned $60 “cheapo” guitars and I now
own $3000 Taylor and Godin guitars. There is simply no comparison between the two
however guitars are only a part of the equation.

Producing a great live sound begins with my guitars but it definitely doesn’t end
there. I can have great guitars but if I’m using a $200 PA system, it’s still gonna
sound terrible. That’s why I’ve chosen a Bose L1 PA system. They are the BEST
PA system on the market. I also use BOSS, Behringer and ZOOM pedals and
mixers to create the best live sound possible. This end result doesn’t happen
by chance or luck – it takes years of experience and lots of money.

Now, being a successful live musician doesn’t end with having a decent guitar
and a good sound system. I learned years ago that when travelling from gig to
gig, pretty much anything can happen. Musical instruments and sound
processors are very temperamental and weddings can’t wait for the musician
get his act together. A professional live musician not only has to know the music,
they have to be ready for technical hurdles. This is why I have not 1, but 2
great guitars, 2 great PA systems and multiple backups of everything.


As a professional musician working in a competitive market like Calgary, I can’t
just pack up my gear and call it a “day” if my guitar has electrical issues in the middle
of a sound check for a $50,000 wedding at Azuridge Estates. I can’t just go for coffee
if my PA quits at an oil company’s awards banquet at The Calgary Petroleum Club. I have
been in these situations and having the proper equipment and knowledge ensured I
never missed a beat.

It’s this experience, preparedness and resources that have helped me build a strong
reputation in and around Calgary.


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