I have been a practicing musician and guitarist for over 25 years and I’ve been performing guitar professionally since 2001. I am mostly self-taught in various styles of rock, country, heavy metal and fingerstyle. I began teaching guitar in the mid-90s and continued throughout my years in university and thereafter.
Since I began performing music in university, I have performed at hundreds of weddings and private functions. I regularly perform at several public venues in and around Calgary and I am proud to have been invited to perform at the Wood’s Homes Benefit Galas on several occasions.

Performing and arranging are my passions and along with the added dimension my Paradis Polybass-equipped Godin guitars, I am bringing cocktail hour and event music to exciting new heights. Nowadays, cocktail hours are rarely quiet gatherings but rather a chance for attendees to begin celebrating and mingling so the entertainment should be fun and exciting – not depressing and restrained. Therefore, I choose music that is upbeat and recognizable.

Today’s weddings are changing and more than ever and ceremony music is becoming increasingly important to Brides and Grooms alike. Taylor Swift has topped 1 billion views for one single music video on YouTube, iTunes posts billions of dollars in annual sales and the music service Spotify now boats over 50 million users. What does all this mean? It’s part of a clear sign that music is in higher demand than it ever has been. People want their favorite music at the special times in their lives and I deliver that in a classy, unique way.

I also have a great working relationship with some of Calgary’s leaders in the wedding business and I regularly coordinate with them to provide the absolute highest quality music for their most important clients. I am proud to be associated with the high caliber event specialists at Creative Weddings & Pez Productions among many others.

By reputation, I deliver high quality, well-rehearsed arrangements of all styles of music from Bach to the Beatles to Bruno Mars and I do it with the highest quality musical instruments and sound processors available. I ensure my wedding ceremony music is intimate and personal and when it’s time for some cocktail hour fun and drinks, I always get the crowd warmed up with modern, popular songs they will recognize and can sing along to.

For me, the single most important detail of any wedding, cocktail hour, dinner, banquet or gathering of any kind is the music entertainment.

I absolutely love music – it’s what I do.